Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Get Delicious Teppanyaki and Tempura in Japanese Restaurant Jakarta

Everybody in this world loves food. Every day they talk about in which restaurants are the best serving Italian foods, French foods, Indonesian foods or Japanese foods? They want to get delicious foods which are not available or served in other places or at least, a good place which serves foods better than the others. Besides Italian and French cuisines, which are popular among people in the world, Japanese cuisine could be considered as a food with many franchise restaurants in almost all over the world. In addition to delicious and healthy, Japanese cuisine is also served in unique ways. Foodies and food lovers can consume uncooked or cooked foods; just choose one or several foods which suit your taste and desire. Tempura and teppanyaki packages are two of popular Japanese foods served well in Edogin, Japanese restaurant Jakarta. Today, in this post, we are going to discuss about tempura and teppanyaki packages.

Tempura is a kind of fried food served with vegetables or seafood as its main ingredients. For your information, there are three ways to eat tempura. The first way, you just eat tempura like you used to do. You do not need dipping sauce because you only need tempura as it is. You enjoy every bite and every crunchy side. The second way is enjoying tempura with special sauce called ten-tsyu and Japanese radish called Daikon-oroshi.  The third way or the last way is enjoying tempura with salt. Do not way until it gets cold. Just enjoy tempura with salt while it’s hot to get the best taste! Oh, you are also allowed to eat tempura with rice or Japanese. Some of popular seafood used to make tempura are prawn, skate, white fish, squid and crab.

Teppanyaki is not a kind of food. It tends to be a style how Japanese people to grill and eat foods. Teppanyaki itself comes from two different Japanese words, teppan and yaki. Teppan is used to show iron plate, while yaki is the meaning of broiled, grilled or pain-fried. Since Teppanyaki has spread in almost all over the world, then the style slightly changes. For western style, Teppanyaki has shrimp, beef, scallops and even chicken on its plate. Meanwhile for Japanese people, cabbage or noodels served with sliced seafood or meat are ingredients used to gril on teppanyaki.

What about Indonesian style in enjoying Teppanyaki packages? If you are curious, you can visit and take your time at Edogin, Japanese restaurant Jakarta, located at Mulia Senayan Hotel. For dinner, you can come at 12pm to 02.30pm, while for dinner; you can come at 06.30pm to 10.30pm. It is open every day. Another menu besides Teppanyaki and tempura Robatayaki is sushi set.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Sashimi and Kushiage to be Enjoyed in Japanese Restaurant Jakarta

Tasty and nutritious foods are always hounded by foodies and food lover. It does not matter how expensive the price is, as long as they are satisfied then it would be fine. Delicious foods can come from anywhere, include Japan. Well, we cannot deny the fact that Japanese foods have become popular foods in these recent days. Even in the smallest town, there is at least one Japanese restaurant, though it is built by local people or the true Japanese people. One of Japanese foods, which are populist and touching the lower ranks, is sushi and ramen. Everybody loves sushi and ramen. Everybody wants to eat them every day and every night. Even ramen can be found in packs of instant noodle. But Japanese food is not always about ramen and sushi; it is also about Sashimi and kushikatu. Those two foods are available in Sumire, Japanese restaurant Jakarta.

Eating sashimi means you will eat raw meat or fish. Of course, you are curious about the taste, right? You are wondering how it like is, consume raw fish or meat. For the first time, it has a strange taste in your mouth, but if you keep eating it more and more, then finally you’ll get it into a habit. Some people, which are non Japanese, sometimes get confused between sashimi and sushi, though those two foods are totally different. Sashimi, as you have known, serves raw fish or meat, while sushi is made from rice with raw fish as one of its ingredients. But sushi is not limited to seafood at all, but it also includes other ingredients like eggs and vegetables. In Japan, sashimi is popular as the main course served with miso soup and rice, presented separately. Ingredients that usually go well with sashimi are shrimp, octopus, squid, salmon, whale meat, scallop, yellowtail and mackerel. Because of a variety of fish used to make sashimi, then it means it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

What about kushikatsu? Kushikatsu, which is also called Kushiage, is grilled meat and flavored. Seafood, chicken, pork and seasonal vegetables are the ingredients usually used to make Kushiage. Bamboo is used to skewer kushiage and vegetable oil is used to fry kushiage. This food is the right choice when you hold a party at home or maybe just have a dinner together with your family.

Kushiage and Sashimi, as stated previously, can be found in Sumire, Japanese restaurant Jakarta. Other foods you can enjoy here are Teppanyaki items, Sushi, Tempura items, Yakitori and Sakeito. Sumire restaurant is located in Grand Hyatt Jakarta, precisely on the fourth floor. It is open every day, from Monday to Sunday.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Wagyu Beef and Cod in Japanese Restaurant in Jakarta

Everything about Japan seems unique and interesting. Music, foods, cultures, tourist attractions and the urban planning, which is very futuristic, are fabulous things that can draw attention from people across the world. That’s why Japan becomes one of top favorite destinations for tourists. Since its foods invade the world, many Japanese restaurants, both built by Japanese people themselves and the local people of a region, compete to each other try serving their best foods to give satisfaction to foodies and food lovers. Japanese restaurant Jakarta, such as Hide Yamamoto, is one of the most sought-after Japanese restaurants. It exists with unique concepts which will satisfy the desire of its customers for Japanese foods. It comes with some delicious foods, which two of them use Wagyu Beef and Cod as the main ingredients.

Wagyu Beef
Some people may familiar with wagyu beef, while others not. Wagyu beef and Japanese Kobe Beef come from the same breed. Though they are red meats, they are healthy to consume. Wagyu beef itself is soft and flavorsome, but you have to notice or at least look for some information about its fat and calorie content. If you have four ounces of good and healthy wagyu beef on your portion, then it means you will consume 330 calories. Meanwhile, if you have four ounces of lean meat, then it means you’ll take 193 calories. People are recommended to consume not more than 2,000 calorie per day or in other words, you are allowed to take saturated fat only in the amount of 22g or only 44 up to 78g of fat. Wagyu beef contains total fat in the amount of 28 and saturated fat for about 11g. However, wagyu beef is good for your health. It is because the meat is good for your heart, good for someone who is going on a diet as it helps to lose weight, fight against cancer and many more. Wagyu beef contains Oleic acid and conjugated linoleic acid.

In addition to wagyu beef, Hide Yamamoto restaurant also has Cod in their menu. Cod is a kind of fish which is rich in macronutrients, phosphorus and selenium; and Vitamin B content. For those who want to make a diet list, just put Cod in it as it is low in fat. Cod only has 48 mg cholesterol for cooked Atlantic cod, as well as with Pacific cod. Unfortunately, it is not rich in omega-3 fatty acids since it belongs to fish in low fat.  

Cod and wagyu beef can be enjoyed in Hide Yamamoto, Japanese restaurant Jakarta. It is located at Lotte Shopping Avenue with a variety of menu, such as wagyu beef, Silver Cod Fillet with Butter Soy Sauce, Foie Gras with saikyo Mizu Yuzu Flavour and Grilled Rack of Lamb. It’s open every day, from Monday to Sunday. Take yourself here to taste such delicious Japanese foods.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Enjoy Norwegian Salmon and Wakame Salad

What do you think about Japan? Some of you will picture Japan as a country with thousands of beauty like cherry blossom, called Sakura by Japanese, Fuji Mountain and apple orchard in Nagano. Meanwhile for food lovers, Japan is popular with sushi and ramen. These two kinds have successfully captured the hearts of million foodies and food lovers across the world, include Indonesia. In Indonesia alone, there are hundreds of mini and big Japanese restaurants trying to serve Japanese foods, though they must have been mixed with Indonesian spices to suit the tastes of society. In this post, we are going to discuss two of Japanese foods which are available in Japanese restaurant Jakarta.

Japanese people always consume fish as it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, know as good fat to make your brain and hearth healthier. Sometimes they also eat raw and fresh fish, called Sashimi, to maintain nutrient content. Salmon is one type of fish which are often consumed by Japanese. Salmon itself consists of various types and one of which is Norwegian salmon. Norwegian salmon is the best choice to increase anyone’s health. Like usual salmon, Norwegian salmon is also rich in Omega 3s. Besides, it contains Vitamin D and good minerals like selenium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and zinc. Norwegian salmon can be processed in various ways; grilled, baked, smoked or poached.

In addition to Norwegian salmon, Japan also has wakame, the brown seaweed which can be eaten. Not only in Japan, actually, but wakame is also popular in China and Korea. It is usually served as their cuisines. Wakame itself is very good to our health since it consists of vitamins and minerals. If you eat 100g of raw wakame, it means your body will absorb 150mg of calcium which is good for bones and to prevent osteoporosis. Magnesium is an essential thing needed by our muscles and enzyme. It also takes part in the formation and production of protein. And all of these kindnesses can be found in wakame. Besides, wakame is also rich in iodine, iron, vitamins (vitamin A, C, E, K, D, and B2), lignans and folate.

Wakame and Norwegian salmon can be found in Genki Sushi restauran, Japanese restaurant Jakarta. With affordable prices, you can eat Norwegian Salmon Roll and Salad wakame. Other foods you can enjoy here are Crunchy Nori Roll, Fresh Salmon Nigiri and Salmon Combo. The restaurant itself is located at Plaza Senayan, at Foodhall in basement floor. Foods here can be enjoyed from Monday to Sunday at 10.00 am until 10.00 pm.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Delightful Drinks For Me in Japanese Restaurant Jakarta

The best delightful and tempting drinks are served in the best Japanese restaurant Jakarta, named IPPUDO. It is the Japanese store which has a lot of delicious appetizers, main dishes, ramen, desserts, and drinks.
I guarantee you will never be disappointed with the yummy drinks. Let’s have a look to the menus:
1.    Orange / Strawberry / Pineapple / Lime Juice for the healthier drinks for those who need fruity servings.

2.    Bintang / Japanese Beer Can for those who want heavy drinks, you can order these beers.

3.  Jonzen-Mizunogotshi / Junmai Ginjo Pink / Ohka Ginjo Nama / Tokubetsu Junmai Rei-Shu Sake is definitely for sake-lovers.

4.     Beverages
·         Coca cola
·         Fanta
·         Diet coke
·         Aqua mineral water
·         Equil mineral water
·         Equil sparkling

      5.     Special Beverages from Ippudo:
·         Strawberry Cruzz
·         Kiwi Fizz
·         Strawberry Fizz
·         Blueberry Field
·         Fruit Punch Classic

Strawberry Cruzz By IPPUDO INDONESIA
My favorite and recommendation
For me, I would like to suggest the special beverages on the top of all. My best drink is the strawberry cruzz. It crushes me since I met at the first time. From the look, you will be refreshed by the ice water and the red color from strawberry. In addition, you will get more attracted by the mint leaves as the final touch for this Strawberry Cruzz.
Not only the name and the look are special, but also the idea to have it as the final touch. After you have light and heavy dishes. It absolutely will refresh you and you will go home happily from the best Japanese restaurant Jakarta.
The second idea of the drink there is the kiwi fizz. It looks so refreshing. Even though only dominant green color shown there, you can enjoy the moment slowly by slurping the kiwi in the cold ice.
The kiwi fizz is not like kiwi juice. If you look at the look, you can see that the kiwi is like being mashed or munched and then put inside the long stand glass with beautiful ice cube lights the green kiwi.

I almost forget, there are two other my favorite drinks. They are blueberry field and fruit punch classic. When the sun rises so hot, I would prefer to the fruit punch classic as the refresher of my body. It is classic orange but it has a little soda like Fanta inside it, if I am not mistaken. I can enjoy the day without barking. And, the blueberry field will be my last friend to enjoy with. It is soft and delicious blueberry I have ever had.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Let's Have Full Dishes in The Best Japanese Restaurant Jakarta

Hi food lovers, this time I would show you how to enjoy the life by visiting the best Japanese Restaurant in Indonesia. This restaurant is IPPUDO and it only has one store in Indonesia that is located in Jakarta.
First impression when I look at the dominant color in this restaurant’s ornament, I like the red of the domain. It uses the feng shui that the best color to boost people’s desire to eat more and more is red color.

Another thing that I like to spend my time coming here is because I know that this restaurant was founded and owned by a Ramen King, Mr. Shigemi Kawahara. He has won the TV Champion in Japan in more than three times.

His hardworking and ideology “to continuously innovate to remain true” as his mission, is one of my motivations to give a try his art work in the kitchen.

He never underestimates every second the work creating food come from his kitchen. He even says that all chefs and employees are the actors that have their own roles in the kitchen. The stage of their roles as actors in the kitchen start from the preparation, cooking process, serving and even until they close the store.

It is surely not an easy job but when someone is happy, whatever becomes everything important. It obviously is hold by Mr. Kawahara and his all employees around the world.

He never wants to decrease his Japanase true identity both in his style, ideology, and the work. Every time you try the menus in the IPPUDO restaurant, you will be able to feel the true atmosphere of Japan.
For the opening side dish or appetizer, I will choose Grilled Chicken Bun costs IDR 25,000.00 and Spicy Boiled Gyoza with its price IDR 39,000.00. Two small appetizers will not satisfy me, so I will order another favorite dish that is Seared Salmon Roll with Mentaiko costs IDR 78,000.00.

Garlic Chicken Teppan Rice
Enough with the appetizers, I will order the light main dish. The choice comes to ramen for those who can eat pork, but because I don’t eat pork so I choose the Garlic Chicken Teppan Rice with the IDR 60,000.00. It is simple rice with garlic and chicken with bright yellow color like corn, my favorite edible thing.

The last is the desserts. I will order ice-creams: green tea ice creams and black sesame ice cream. I need two cold things to cool my stomach. And, for the drink, I always get tempted by its Strawberry Cruzz. For each ice cream costs IDR 25,000.00 and the drink costs IDR 30,000.00

So, let’s have full stomach day in the best Japanese restaurant Jakarta